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The Meaning of Nouveau Jacinth

Nouveau means a new change or improvement. It is considered new because it is different from the previous look.


Jacinth is a sapphire stone that amplifies personal power and encourages creativity. No two stones (Jacinth or Diamond) are the same, they display different patterns and looks. Each carved to reflect you as a unique individual. 

Nouveau Jacinth Interior Designs was a dream that began as a hobby and eventually became a reality with the foundation following the definition to provide thoughtful changes to your space that truly mimic your personality. 


We accommodate many decorating styles from traditional, modern, contemporary, and eclectic to country, chic, and boho to satisfy a variety of moods whether you are seeing a relaxing, energetic or cozy persona for yourself and your guests.  

We will help you from Abstract to Zen; just let us know when! 

Design that is individually unique and new to YOU! 

Meet the Founder

Nerva Eatmon
Founder, Interior Designer, and Architectural Design 

My journey started passion and dedication with table candle sets, and it quickly evolved into rooms and spaces. I realized early that I was given a gift of servanthood to make a difference in people lives. With over 40 years of customer service and management; I have gained 20 years of interior design experience. Coordinating décor has always been a passion of mine, but most important turning houses into homes has been the greatest gratification of it all. My job as an interior designer is to bring your vision to life while adding a touch of class. The skills acquired while decorating began as a hobby and later turned into a career. I was blessed with a good eye, welcoming taste, and coordination of colors, hues, and shades. 

It was my gift and drive that pushed me to pursue a degree in interior design. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh granted me the opportunity to critique my craft and obtain additional knowledge; I learned space planning, building codes, D rendering, and architecture skills to add to my portfolio. I obtained this degree while managing a high-end decorating store, raising two children, continuing my involvement in ministry, and being there for my husband. It was my determination to satisfy my customer client base while receiving a degree to enhance my ability to earn more knowledge and experience. My dream began as a design consultant for friends and family homes and spaces and has led me to staging the real estate of a well-known movie director. 

As a child and through life’s circumstances, a strong work ethic was engrained in me and that is still the driving force for me today. Excellence is what I strive for daily no matter what or how long it takes. Client satisfaction is a goal I have set for myself with a motto of satisfying all clients in their spaces. 

As a design consultant, I have experience in bath and kitchen design and flooring, hard finishes, soft goods, fixtures, new build, and home renovation projects. I have partnered with several contractors and other designers to bring design visions to reality. 

One of my main attributes is working within the client’s budget while giving them the satisfaction they expect. Design reflects you, including your thoughts and vision! Our goal is to bring your personality to life through design.

Raven Eatmon
Interior Decorator and Assistant

With over a decade of taking a backseat to Founder and Operator Nerva Eatmon I have been able to learn, critique, and mold my love for design. Having worked in a home decor field for 5 years I was able to put to use all that was taught and learned in my time working alongside Nerva Eatmon. From floral to furniture, traditional to modern, and across the color spectrum from red to purple I have been provided with many opportunities to compose such beautiful arrangements and set ups for a number of projects. 

I have always had a love for fashion and interior decorating is my way of expressing that love in the form of a space. Some of the textures and moods can be portrayed in the same manner effortlessly, and others not so much, but that challenge is the drive that keeps me pushing to try new ways to design. 

As I have been given the opportunity after opportunity to improve my decorating skills I have learned how to pull pieces together with the use and coordination of different decorating styles, prints, and pieces to bring a project full circle. Whether it be mixing glass, metal, and wood, or stripes, buffalo check, and polka dots we at NJID have had the opportunity to create masterpieces with various parameters provided. 

Every client won't have the same vision nor the same home, and for that reason it is always our goal at NJID to strive for the best, provide unique and individual results each time, hoping for the most authentic reaction a client can give. This is done with providing the best customer service, and always making it our priority to bring your vision to life one piece at a time with the same respect and determination we would use in our own homes. 

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