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Who are we? 

We are a full-service interior design team that strategically transforms any space that reflects you. We are a high-performing team that has loyal, flexible and reliable professionals; working cohesively together with one common goal. Strong communication skills, collaborating and coordinating with others are built into the structure of our company. We will create a design that reflects culture, art, synthesis, and analysis. A design that will create visual appeal that uses contrast, flexibility, personality, unity, modularity, balance, and movement, while keeping it simple and functional.


Our Goal 

Here at NJID our goal is to provide sophisticated services while turning homes, offices, and spaces into designs that uniquely represent its surrounding. Our goal is to work within your budget (design-to-cost) while offering different design styles without compromising your vision. We welcome reusability, sustainability, and engagement while fitting within the purpose. We will always strive to provide great customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform your vision into reality and bring to life what you have envisioned. We turn houses into comfortable luxurious and rewarding homes.

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